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After a fairly long gap for Ghostand a lackluster first set, Ghost emerges from an ambient Golden Age. Golden Age and Ghost were serious business, learn more here then the rest of the set would take a lighter turn.

The end of the Golden Age segue has been included. Out of a dark and spacey Golden Age ending, Ghost emerges from the depths of darkness. Trey brings the Ghost in slowly, and it emerges nicely.

Gordon online casino canada no download the bass and Fishman works the beat. A note from Trey stays looping in online casino canada no download background. The solo section gets a bigger dose from Trey than usual. The lead in is well played, and we get a pause with another lingering Trey note. It is pretty short and beste casino mit paypal to a pretty sweet drop in.

They drop in with authority, and it gives that great energy heading into the jam. Mike lays down a big fat bass groove right away. Online license curacao nice minimalist groove forms before Trey even touches his guitar.

Let the groove form before you choose your path. Online casino canada no download when Trey enters, it is only with a couple minimal chords.

This maneuver from Trey creates a nice funky bluesy feel to this opening section. I am swaying and feeling each note Mike drops. When Fish changes up the beat at 4: He does so with slyness, and he injects himself perfectly.

Trey works right into the jam, instead of derailing it and forcing it to change direction. This is something Trey did more often during and it is music to my ears.

The jam was built before him, then he took it to the next online casino canada no download. Trey chooses a classy, old style blues type of soloing. Not one band member is over playing, instead each note has more meaning, and the band produces one sound. Page begins to move to the piano at 5: Trey responds with a cool lick at 6: This is groove city.

Underneath that gorgeous pavilion at Blossom, it is time to sit back and enjoy the click. One incredible melody after another, Page leaves his mark. Although, Page grabs my ears, the best part is how well the band is working as a unit.

This allows me to float way from all cares, and online casino canada no download in the clouds. Hard to be in a bad mood when something so uplifting touches your ears. Http:// is good, when Phish is involved. We have incredible recordings that will be with us forever always bringing us joy.

The transition from the nice uplifting music is crazy. Page plays a nice happy melody at 8: This dark ambient section is one of my favorites. It is mind blowing to me how quickly the band is able to lock in.

It is balanced, it is dark, and most of all it is freaking awesome. The lick Trey drops at 9: This is well removed from anything that remotely resembles Ghost. This is what I am talking about. Page plays two notes at Then he comes online casino canada no download to the piano and drops daggers of light.

Online casino canada no download you love MSG Carini? Well part of it was born two days before this during the Cinci Twistand even more was born during this jam.

Things start to space out from Trey, as Page works more piano notes into the equation. Things begin to fade away, as the band works a crazy segue into Sweet Virginia. Another extremely cool version of Ghost. Unique from any other. The jam gets a nice bluesy groove, but the magic is in the last section. The darkness is even cooler when online casino canada no download think about how sharp the contrast is and how lighthearted the rest of the second set turns out to be.

Another great job Richland, making money with online casinos big Phish in of taking chances and finding great rewards. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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