How to Play Slot Machines | HowStuffWorks : Conquer online slot machine hack Conquer online slot machine trick Play too many and you could find yourself in the situation faced by the woman who was working up and down a god hand slot trick conquer online slot machine.

Conquer online slot machine trick

The easiest way to get exp AND weapon exp at the same time, is get a high level friend to have enemies attack them, but let you kill them, this is called tanking. A way for warriors conquer online slot machine trick get easy exp and weapon level is, get a lot of potions that reheal your hp COMPLETELY, for example if you have hp, buy pancea because they heal hp, anywho, goto an enemy that is levels above you, e.

Contact me with conquer online slot machine trick questions Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat. Katasa Sakura on Jan 31, Verified by: Once you get to level 16, and want some fast and easy experience, here is what you can do:: Go talk to CoachLi in the top left hand corner of Twin City.

He is by the Boxer. He will give you a Name Http://, and tell you to go talk to General Gai. Go to Genereal Gai, who is by the Love Alter in the Robin Area, and he popular online casino game tell you he needs a conquer online slot machine trick card and one euxinite ore.

Get a pick-axe from the Shopkeeper in Twin City, then go to the mines, which you can get to easily by talking to the Conductress right outside the city. Get an euxinite ore, or two, then go back to General Gai. Talk to him, then you will give him both things, and in return, you will get points.

Archangel on May 24, Verified by: Verify this cheat Report this. An easy way to get experience, and one people are willing to help you with if you have the right amount of money, is too have them remove all their items and allow you to kill them again and again. It works best if you pay a high level character, to get better experience. Nick on Jul 25, Verified by: Easy money and good items. Make a female war and get them plvled to lvl 40 at Bird Island. Becca on May 18, Verified by: First of all, you need silver.

Get anything else in the warehouse. So go to Twin City and there is 2 exits. Go to the Right one. Talk to the 1st or second guy and ask him if you can go to the jail. Steal all the Rock things. People might conquer online slot machine trick mad but just ignore them. Alot of people PK you so watch out. So you got your Rock Things.

Alrighty now go to TwinCity. You can do that by going to the guy where you start off. Sprite on Aug 09, Verified please click for source First, go to Pheonix Castle and you should see a spot on the top right corner of the map. When you go to all the way to the corner of that place you should see a fall and a portal, so go though the portal.

Then go to top left corner of that place, now you should see a black smith, talk to him and he sells all kinds of clubs you want. When you get though the portal watch out for Hawkings. There you go, so if you want a club go there! Sunset on Dec 29, Verified by: Getting to a city quick without a scroll. When you go through a portal or conductress you will have to through another portal and walk to the city.

Note that you will lose all your items by doing this. Verify this Report this. If you have a friend, or meet some nice person online that is at a high level If he says yes, you will be prompted to accept an invitation into his Team.

Say yes, and then just follow him, and stay close. He will most likely take you some place where conquer online slot machine trick monsters will kill you in one hit, so stay close to him, and try not to get killed. Drop everything in warehouse, empty your inventory but keep a few gold. Go to bird island and walk to conquer online slot machine trick upper right exit inside city, along the sidewalk Now, jump around this island Easy 20k every minutes, somedays takes a little longer.

So, this is what you do: Unequip conquer online slot machine trick weapon cause it will say "cant dance with weapons" in the status menu.

Then put your weapon in the "F1" hotkey or any other "F" hotkey. Then go to the "Actions" menu at the bottom and press "dance" this web page the "F1" at the same time. Your dancing with a weapon. Bourne on Mar 19, Verified by: Waterfall Cave Hawking glitch. Bulk Packs from USD! A New Class of Conquer Online?

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Radiohead kicked of click to see more U. In a recent interview with […]. Let me know your thoughts of the new tracks in the comments below. This was the bands first show of their World Tour. The show started at 8: Bloom The Daily […]. Other Lives who are opening for Radiohead posted the picture above of the stage being set up for the show on their Facebook page.

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